This is Juliano and his brother Aggelos. Two twin brothers from Albania, who moved to Greece at three and have been living here ever after. The idea of photographing twin brothers naked and hard was very fascinating at first. However it turned out harder than I first thought and for some strange reason not so exciting after all. Juliano and Aggelos are identical twins, however Aggelos is more beefed up than Juliano is and likes to shave his body smooth - something that I dislike especially when photographing the nude. Besides that, Aggelos did not easily get hard and even when he did, it was not for long. He has in other words a lousy cock that went soft very fast. Juliano on the contrary, has a naturally fit and lean hairy body and an amazing cock that stayed big and hard for very long. Juliano was a pleasure to work with and a a delight to photograph. His cock, smooth and shinny when soft but big and hard when erect with a beautiful skin over it had no problem to perform when needed. Juliano will certainly come back for more.