is the brainchild of Panayiotis Evangelidis. The intellectual enfant terrible of the Greek non-hetero scene who reads, writes, translates, watches tons of cinema and improvises around the clock. The Warm Project's members can watch three of his films: Diptych - The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name, An Aftenoon Siesta and Summer Romance. Diptych is inspired by the famous gay Greek painter Giannis Tsarouhis' paintings. It is a contemplation on male beauty, the impossible of open gay love in Greek society that lasted decades and the pathos and sorrow of a sexual encounter. An Afternoon Siesta is based on a painting by the famous Greek gay painter Giannis Tsarouhis. A man is visited during his afternoon siesta by a sailor, an angel of beauty of love and of sex. They get to know each other biblically and in many dimensions... Passion, aesthetic and religious references in the utopia of a space created by dreams, lust and art. Summer Romance is a film about Aris and Manos who meet during a summer afternoon in the house of Manos' cousin under the pretext of giving a haircut. They make love for the frst time, something that they have been postponing since the time they were both in the army. They talk about sex, relationships, the situation in Greece and Alfred Hitchcock... Summer Romance is officially the first Greek gay porn film, shot during a hot summer day in Athens.