This is Sotiris. A rather famous and very promising man who's photo shoot did not quite turn up as expected. Sotiris was one of the guys I shot back in 2010 when I started photographing nude men. That shot which actually took place in two days, was completed with basic equipment that I had at my disposal back then and his photos are not really usable. However from that batch, I will gradually upload a very tight selection that meets TWP’s today’s criteria. Sotiris is beautiful, has a good cock, the body and the attitude however there's something in his looks that does not quite work out for me. Sotiris has a "tired" body. One that comes close but does not quite reach the point beyond which I could consider it to be beautiful. I like his looks, but I decided I do not like his body, nor do I like his tattoos which I find boring. Besides that, at the third and last photo shoot that took place a few days ago, he did not want to open up his butt to the camera and strongly refused to masturbate. Two conditions I rarely accept in a shoot these days, unless the guy in front of me has an exceptional unique characteristic worth shooting. And Sotiris did not. Which is unfortunate because if he had opened up his butt and let us have a glimpse of his Albanian hole and had agreed to masturbate to an orgasmic explosion, I would have happily invited him back for more. In short and I am very sorry to say that, Sotiris' shoot was a disappointment.